St. Patrick's Day Deviled Egg Snack with an Herb Shamrock!


Last year I was helping my friends at Delicious Contents on a job for Chobani and came up with this herb shamrock to top their St Patrick's Day Deviled Eggs (click the link for the recipe). 


I used cilantro, flat parsley, and arugula microgreens. They all worked well but the arugula microgreens looked the most shamrock-y. Some of the cilantro leaves already looked like  a shamrock as-is so that was easy! For the others, I pinched off three leaves an assembled them to look like a shamrock and added a snip of chive for the stem.


I kept them on a wet paper towel while I assembled them so they didn't dry up.


Click here for the recipe and watch the video, below.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!