Quickest DIY Cards for Father's Day and More!


This group of cards was made using leftover cupcake papers. With their ruffled texture and fun colors, they make a cool (and cheap) craft material. Also, after baking I'm often left with a few from each pack and I've started collecting them for just these kinds of projects. 


The tie card, a classic motif for Father's Day! This one is super easy and utilizes the cupcake paper's texture for dimension . Cut a tie and collar shape (as in the cut pieces, above). Glue the top of the tie to the top of the card and glue the top of the white collar pieces over it, as shown (rather than gluing it down flat, so it retains dimension). I use white glue and brush it on lightly. Stamp or write a message.


This little ice cream cone gift card is also so easy! The scoops are made from confetti. If you don't have confetti (I confess to hoarding that too) you can punch or hand cut some circles. Cut a little triangle from a brown or unbleached cupcake paper. Glue the confetti scoops down and then glue on the cone.
Check out our book, Paper Goods Projects, for templates for these cards and more ideas. You can peek at the chapters here, which include a whole chapter of crafts utilizing cupcake papers. Happy Father's Day to all the dads!!