Bubble Printing: Fun Summer Craft for Kids!

photo by Kate Mathis

photo by Kate Mathis

The best kind of craft activities are those that you can throw together last minute and don't require any special materials. Bubble printing fits the bill! Added bonus: you can use the results for gift wrap, cards, tags and more! I made these with my two sons for Martha Stewart Living a few years ago and we had so much fun.

photo by Kate Mathis

photo by Kate Mathis

You'll need:

  • baking sheet and table covering (optional, to contain the mess)
  • washable kids paint or food coloring
  • dish soap or bubble solution
  • baking dish (I used a 9" x "9 pan)
  • straws
  • paper to print on (I used all different weights of paper, heavier weight for cards and tags and lighter for wrapping paper)

**This craft requires adult supervision and is only for children who understand not to ingest the bubble solution**

1. Cover your work surface. I cut open a plastic garbage bag and used it as a table covering.
2. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons paint (or 10 or so drops of food coloring) to a 1/2 inch of bubble solution in the baking dish. (If you are using dish soap, add about 3 big squirts of dish soap to a 1/2 inch of water and stir before adding paint.) Mix with a spoon and place on the baking sheet.
3. Tilt the baking dish to form a pool of the paint-bubble mixture. Have your child practice blowing out of the straws. Use straws to blow bubbles into the mixture.


4. Place paper on top of the bubbles. Press paper lightly into the bubbles. Repeat until the paper is covered. (You can layer colors on top of each other.) 
5. If the bubbles are too light you can add more paint or food coloring.


It's almost just as much fun to simply blow bowls of bubble mountains. Fill a bowl with water, add a few big squirts of dish soap and let them blow bubbles with straws. Perfect rainy day activity! Add straws together to make super long straws and see who can make the biggest bubble pile! 


Happy summer!!