Yummy Veggie Leaf Chips to Make With Your Kids

Leaf Chips Plate

I made these root vegetable leaf chips for Parents magazine for a story about Thanksgiving snacks to make with your kids (see some other food crafts in my earlier post)! These chips are so delicious and addictive…and got my kids to finally open their minds to beets!

Potato Leaf Chips Tray
Potato Leaf chips cooked

You can find the full instructions here on Parents website. We have this mandoline, which made the slicing a breeze. They’re not expensive and worth the small investment! (I bought mine originally to make this amazing potato pizza)!! Kids can help make leaf shapes using cookie cutters (I used these large ones and these).
TIP: If it’s hard for your kids to push through the vegetable slices with the cookie cutter, have them place a wooden block or small cutting board on top of the cutter and press down.

Potato Leaf Chips

These chips have a dry blister-y look in the middle which means they are ready!

Leaf cookie cutter

We thought it was interesting to see how much the chips shrink from their original cookie-cut size after they cook. (Both of the leaves on the left were cut with the same cookie cutter!) You could inject a science lesson here about water content in vegetables!

Veggie Leaf Chips

Other ideas besides snacking: use these chips as a pretty garnish or package some up in cellophane bags as Thanksgiving favors or a hostess gift!
Happy Thanksgiving!