Cupcakes For Your Animal-Loving Kid!

Giraffe Cupcake

I recently made some safari animal cupcakes for Thomas & Friends to promote their movie Big World! Big Adventures! . I used mostly easy-to-find supermarket ingredients like cookies, marshmallows and pretzels to make these along with candy melts...which you can find at craft and party stores nowadays! Start off with your favorite cupcake, homemade or store-bought. I love this recipe for One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes. If you prefer to buy them, you can call most supermarket bakeries and ask them to make you some unfrosted cupcakes (or frosted, in the color of your choice).

Click here or on the picture above to see the video to learn how to make all three cupcakes!

Elephant safari cupcake

The elephant’s face is made from a Nabisco Famous Wafer cookie coated in grey candy melt (which is made from blending white and black candy melts.

Elephant cupcakes

The elephant’s trunk is made from a gummy worm dipped in grey candy melt!

Giraffe Cupcake Pretzel Heads
Giraffe Cupcake How To

The head of the giraffe is a triangular snip of marshmallow “glued” to a pretzel rod with a little melted yellow candy melts. Once that cools, you dip the whole thing to coat it in yellow. See the video for full instructions.

giraffe safari cupcake

The giraffe’s horns and ears are mini chocolate chips and the mouth is made from a tiny snip of a gummy worm (save leftover scraps from making the elephant trunk!) and the eyes are black sugar pearls.

monkey safari cupcake

The monkey is the easiest of these cupcakes to make! The face is a Nabisco Famous Wafer and the snout and ears are ‘Nila Wafers. The eyes are made from candy eyes. You can find them at lots of supermarkets but I love this sprinkle set which also includes the black sugar pearls which I use for the other cupcakes.
I hope you’ll try making these for (or with!) your animal-loving kid!