No-Bake Supermarket Cookie Crafts!

These ones are simply to die for. Look how cute.

Food crafting is kid favorite and supermarket cookies are perfect blank canvases! Starting off with pre-made cookies makes this a great summer craft since you don’t have to turn on the oven! Scroll down for a video to learn how to make these cookie animals!


I made these guys for Bluprint. Click here for the full instructions! Besides the cookies, all you need are some candy melts and sprinkles or other small candies.

See below for a round up of some more cookie crafting ideas!


Instructions for my cookie cakes, perfect for a doll tea party, are on Oh Happy Day!

Writing with cookies can be more of a challenge than it seems— you can make an activity out of it, or write secret messages and eat up all the evidence :)

These cookie letters are a chapter opener in our book, Candy Aisle Crafts.


Instructions for my Cookies Faces are on 100 Layer Cakelet. Apple slices make perfect smiles!

These ones  are perfect to make with kids, and the sour stem is the perfect little bit of extra flavor.
These sweet little bunny rabbits are so cute, and it is a great way to re-use the paper sleeves they come in!
Again, cookie faces! A great way to mix things up and add in a few extra food groups :)

Lastly, cookie planets for a planet-obsessed kid!

Happy cookie crafting!