A delivery box metropolis and coffee filter water lilies from Super Make It's upcoming book, Paper Goods Projects, out August 2015!! 

I loved making things as a kid and was always collecting paper goods like bags, plates, and doilies for potential projects. My other very favorite thing to do was (and is) combing the aisles of supermarkets, hardware and variety stores for supplies, maybe because there weren't craft superstores back then (and certainly not websites). I still find so much inspiration in the everyday and am so excited to finally be gathering the years of collecting, playing, and making into the book: Paper Goods Projects, out August 11, 2015! 

Just as every preschool teacher knows: everyday supermarket supplies are not only cheap, plentiful and easy to find, but transforming them helps retain the youthful skill to see the potential in things. It's the ability to see the world differently, to not look at a bottle cap as garbage but as a mini frying pan for their doll, or to see a polar bear in a marshmallow, waiting to be snipped out. This book is all about that process as the projects included are based on materials that you most likely already have in your pantry or recycling bin. 

Paper Goods Projects is full of ideas for rainy days, parties, holidays, for adults and kids to do separately or together. We hope you will enjoy…and thanks for visiting our website! Please join our mailing list to get news about our book release.

—Jodi Levine

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Our first book, Candy Aisle Crafts, came out on August 26th, 2014!

It features 59 food craft ideas for birthdays, holidays (and any day!) using everyday edible items, step-by-step photos, with a foreword by Martha Stewart. 

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