Boo Cake on Dinner: A Love Story!


We are so honored that our BOO cake was featured on Dinner: A Love Story! I'm guessing that, like me,  you guys are already big fans of Jenny Rosenstrach's excellent blog about mastering the family meal. I bought her first book, Dinner: A Love Story and flagged almost every page! The recipes are all excellent but I have to admit that I didn't cook as many of the recipes that I had hoped. I just don't quite have the weeknight dinner routine down. That said, I feel like her new book Dinner: The Playbook, was written just for me!


I had a sick day in bed recently and read it from cover to cover! Jenny's writing is funny, encouraging, and full of exactly the tips that I need. Next month's plan:  I am trying her book's "30 day plan for mastering the art of the family meal". I will report back!

(Click here for the full BOO cake instructions on Jenny's blog)