Marshmallow Birds


These marshmallow birds are one of the projects in the marshmallow chapter in our book. I had created many marshmallow crafts over the years and when I started on the marshmallow chapter I was afraid I had already made everything there was to be made out of marshmallows. After I started playing I realized that the possibilities were endless. I would have been happy to do a whole book of marshmallow crafts!

bird how to.jpg


3 regular marshmallows 
2 black nonpareils 
pretzel sticks (optional) 
gumdrops (optional) 
large shredded wheat (optional)

1. To make the head and neck, cut one marshmallow at an angle, as shown, reserving the scrap. Using the toothpick, poke two holes for eyes. With the now-sticky toothpick, pick up the nonpareils and push them into the holes. 

2. Take the reserved marshmallow scrap and trim off a small, sticky piece for the neck.

3. If you’re making wings, cut at an angle two larger pieces of marshmallow.

4. To make the torso, the marshmallow can be used horizontally or vertically, as shown. Trim off three spots for the head and two wings (if you’re making wings). Press the neck, head, and wings onto their spots

5. If you’re making the standing bird, poke two holes for the pretzel stick legs and push them in. Poke two holes in one or two gumdrop “rocks” and push the bottom of the pretzel legs so the bird is standing up (two holes in one “rock” for a standing bird and one hole each in two “rocks” for a walking bird).

6. For a pretzel nest, lay 10-15 pretzel sticks down overlapping them in a circular pattern, letting the ends stick out. Gently place a seated bird on top.

7. For a shredded wheat nest, break off the bottom of one end and place a seated bird in the hollow inside.

For more projects like this one, check out our forthcoming book Candy Aisle Crafts.