Gummy Candy Chapter


As I mentioned in an earlier post about our marshmallow chapter opener, we were so lucky to have Robin Rosenthal design our book. Here is a peek at the gummy candy chapter opener that she designed! This chapter opener photo is composed mostly of spice drops (gumdrops' smaller cousin) with a few cut up gumdrops in there. Size is not their only difference between these two candies. Gumdrops are fruit-flavored and spice drops are, well, spicier with flavors like clove, anise, etc. Both make an excellent crafting material!


In progress! 


Here's Amy, shooting on top of her kitchen counter. We loved the marble surface and pretty light in her kitchen so she found herself standing up on top of it quite often to get overhead shots!

Click over to learn how to make Gumdrop and Necco Wafer Flowers, an idea from this chapter. Gumdrops and spice drops are available at most supermarkets and drug stores in the candy aisle. I've found that the ones sold in bags at drug stores are very inexpensive and usually pretty fresh.

For more projects like this one, check out our forthcoming book Candy Aisle Crafts, coming out August 26th!!