Paper Napkin Roses


It's finally spring here in Brooklyn. Hooray! We're looking forward to the blooming of our beautiful rose bush. It is glorious...for one this year we are determined to seize that moment and have a gathering to show it off. 


I thought I'd use my stash of half-packs of different colored napkins to make some rose napkins tucked in glasses for a buffet. Both square dinner-sized and rectangular guest towel napkins work well to make roses.



Dinner-sized napkins: fold the napkins in half. With the folded side at the top roll the napkins into a cylinder. If your like a fuller rose you can fold two and overlap to make one long napkin before you roll it up (as in picture, above). When you are finished rolling, fold the open end down into a triangular flap for an outer petal and tuck them into a glass (or paper cup). I used half pint mason jars for drinking glasses. I also cut some almond-shaped rose leaves out of green paper scraps and tucked one or two into each glass.


Guest towel-sized napkins: Fold napkins in half the long way and roll into a cylinder. When you are finished rolling, you can fold the open end into a triangular flap for an outer petal.


Other than these little rose napkins I am going to keep it pretty simple. Maybe a sweet or drink using rose water like one of these from Martha Stewart:

Happy spring!