Our New Book!


Amy and I are thrilled to announce that our second book, Paper Goods Projects, is coming out on August 11th and is available right now for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indiebound! We are honored that our foreword was written by the brilliant Jordan Ferney, founder of the gorgeous blog Oh Happy Day and her fantastic party shop!


In Paper Goods Projects, we share 60 craft ideas for rainy days, parties, holidays, for adults and kids to do separately or together, using materials you can find at supermarkets, big box stores, or in your pantry or recycling bin!

The book is organized into four chapters, grouped by the materials:

  1. Coffee Filters & Cupcake Papers (like the Bird and Cloud Cake, above)
  2. Paper Plates, bags, and Doilies
  3. Balloons (see the Twisty Balloon Letters, below)
  4. Recycling Bin 

Twisty Balloon Letters, from our Balloons chapter.


The Big Box Town, with interchangeable components, from our Recycling Bin chapter.


Coffee Filter Water Lilies, from our Coffee Filter chapter! 
We hope you'll take a look. And please join our mailing list to get news about our book release. Thanks!