Assembly-Line Felt Valentines and a Video


Many many years ago, my friend Page and I delighted in making homemade Valentines for our coworkers at Martha Stewart Living magazine. We came up with ideas for little gifts, like these felt tissue dispensers (instructions here), that we could produce assembly-line style. The beautiful wool felt we used was special ordered from Holland. This was before the internet (!) so we would call the sweet owner over the phone to place our overseas orders! We sat together and measured, cut, and sewed until the wee hours of the night...and we loved it! This went on for many years until our recipient list grew to well over 100, we had our babies, and got too busy. Now, Page co-owns Purl Soho with sisters Joelle and Jennifer Hoverson where, coincidentally, you can buy the very same wool felt

In this video from a few years ago, I demonstrated to Elizabeth Holmes from WSJ, some of these felt Valentines!


I'm always digging around in my bag for lip balm but this little felt lip balm holder helps you keep track of it! Page and I made these for our coworkers (and then I made them again in the magazine, which is where these photos are from). Click here for the how-to!


These felt coffee cup sleeves were inspired by a project on the Purl Bee. You can also find instructions here. (Bonus: give your Valentine the felt sleeve on a plain paper cup, filled with treats!)
I hope you'll craft some Valentines with a good friend!