Fun Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts You Can Make Together!


A couple of Thanksgivings ago I teamed up with my friends at Marley Spoon to create an easy kid-friendly Thanksgiving craft and I came up with this turkey napkin ring. In my sketch, above, I used a dyed coffee filter and a toilet tube, two of my favorite materials!


Marley Spoon subscribers received the project as a cut-out sheet in their yummy dinner kit boxes, but you can click here to print one out ! (TIP: print it at 95%.) Have your kids color it in, fold the feather tail and staple the whole thing together (detailed instructions are on the sheet.)


To make this crafty version:


  • dyed coffee filters, instructions here
  • toilet tube
  • scissors
  • yellow cardstock
  • red cardstock
  • glue
  • black marker or two dots (hole-punched from black paper)
  1. Cut a colored coffee filter in half. This will leave you with two tails.
  2. Carefully insert your scissors into the middle of the toilet tube and cut halfway around curving up to make a head on the other half.
  3. Cut a small kite-shaped piece (you can use this template) to make a beak and a small waddle-shaped piece from the red for....the waddle! :)
  4. Fold back the top of the beak (as in the photo) so you have little tabs to attach to the toilet tube. Glue everything in place!

I also used a dyed coffee filter tail to make a turkey paper cup! Make a few to fill with treats or crayons and put them on your Thanksgiving kid's table!
Check out my previous post for another easy kid-friendly craft using coffee filters! And here to see a turkey balloon, also with a coffee filter tail!

Happy Thanksgiving!