Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas: Turn Your Favorite Book Into a Kit Gift!

Craft The Rainbow Gift Kit

Christmas is approaching fast so I thought I’d share some last-minute gift ideas that are perfect if you want a special, not right-off-the-shelves gift but don't have time to hand-make something. I love giving (and getting) books, but to make them feel a little more custom and personal, I'll choose a great book and assemble a gift kit around it. I've gathered a few ideas here using a few cooking and craft books that I am loving right now!
The first book is Craft the Rainbow: 40 Colorful Paper Projects by Brittany Watson Jepsen, creator of the GORGEOUS blog The House That Lars Built. This book is total eye candy, beautifully styled, shot, and designed, but also full of doable pretty projects that you’ll want to try. I’ve packaged this book with some craft supplies into a tote bag. Brittany has included an amazing variety of project types, so you could give almost any craft item with this book: paint + paintbrushes, a hot glue gun, a multicolored pack of card stock, but these items are some great basics that would all fit in a tote bag with the book!
- Pretty brass-handled scissors
- Bone folder (for making sharp creases when folding paper)
- Paper straws to make her pretty crowns
- A few rolls of crepe paper
You will make a crafty friend or family member very happy!

Dining In Gift Kit

Dining In by Alison Roman was on my wish list for a while before I got it. This gorgeous cookbook is both inspirational and approachable. And it is, as she says, “vegetable-forward”, which is how I like to eat! Also, *THE COOKIES*! I bet you’ve seen or read about her Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies . They are so so good and that’s why I will wrap this book with some items needed to bake them:
- Demerara sugar
- Flaky sea salt
- Bittersweet chocolate


Here is a peek at “the cookies”!

Homemade Houseplants Gift Kit

I have been a fan of Corrie Beth Hogg’s craft and styling work since I met her through my friend, designer David Stark. When she told me she wanted to make a craft book with her incredible paper plants, I knew it would be a hit! The gorgeous paper creations in her book, Handmade Houseplants, look real but also graphic and whimsical. And her instructions are so clear that you will want to make them all!
I am wrapping Corrie’s book with the following basic supplies:
- Card stock (also available at art and craft stores by the sheet, so you can select only the colors you’d like)
- Floral tape and wire
- Paintbrushes (this is my favorite brush set!)
- Wirecutter
- Basket (not in the book but I love this basket from The Container Store and will put all the items inside!)
Hand making (and then living with) these plants will help get rid of the winter blahs!

All About Cake Book Gift

My 12-year-old son and I really enjoyed watching Christina Tosi in Chef’s Table (Volume 4: Pastry). So, I immediately got a copy of her new-ish book, All about Cake for him for Christmas! Her writing is so much fun and really approachable. A few things that I’ll pack it up with:
- Rainbow sprinkles (for birthday cake)
- Vanilla extract (she uses McCormick)
- Cupcake Papers
I might add a sheet or bundt pan !

All About Cake Gift Jar

I put these items in a jar with a bag of sugar (or you could add nonfat milk powder or her Milk Bar Corn Powder, ingredients in several of her recipes. I think I will add a box of Crack Pie Mix and Cereal Milk Mix, two things my boys want to try.


I did this post about this same idea a few years ago and it’s worth a look if you want a few more ideas! I hope your last-minute gift-gathering goes smoothly. Happy holidays!