Cold Weather Candy Craft!


My friend Melissa sent me these great shots of her daughter and friend making lollipops, inspired by our book Candy Aisle Crafts. The lollipops are almost as cute as the girls! I love the rainbow and letter pops that they thought up.  Lollipop-making is the perfect stuck-indoors winter activity! 

The girls used Jolly Rancher candies, which I favor for melted candy projects. They are easy to find, melt smoothly, and the colors are pretty! They placed the candies on cool unbleached parchment-lined baking sheets and my (grownup) friend Melissa handled the oven.


Click here for instructions for the Dot Flower Lollipops from our book, a great starter project. With those instructions you can make infinite shapes of lollipops.

I hope you'll try this cozy (and sweet) project!