No-Bake Spooky Halloween Treats on the Today Show!

On Tuesday morning I had the pleasure of sharing some crafty Halloween treats with Al Roker on the Today Show. (We look very serious here but I promise we had fun!) They're all made using store-bought candy or donuts so no baking required.

Click here or on the photo above to link to the video.

Get your kids to help make these monster pops! Push a lollipop stick or popsicle stick into a mini candy bar. Dip in melted candy melts or white chocolate. (Melt per the package instructions. If you use a microwave it is very important to use LOW power or the candy melts will seize up!)  

For the pumpkin, I used black shoestring licorice cut into triangles and green shoestring licorice for the stem.  The ghost's mouth is a slice of black licorice. 


For the Frankenstein, dip the candy bar in green melts and then top in nonpariels or sprinkles for “hair”. Place on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Drop on sprinkle eyes and a peanut M&M nose. Add a licorice shoestring mouth and side neck bolts.


To make the mummies, I dipped the candies in white chocolate, added sprinkle eyes, let it harden and then I piped on melted white chocolate. I use a small resealable sandwich bag with a tiny hole snipped in one corner for a piping bag.


Donuts are a favorite treat in my house! I made wings from cupcake papers to transform donuts and donut holes into these little bats. Snip mini marshmallows into triangle shapes and press sticky side down to the center of a doughnut. Alternatively you could use store-bought plastic fangs. (You could cut these if needed to fit but don't give the cut plastic fangs to young children.) Cut cupcake paper into a bat wings shape. Use a butter knife to slit the side of a doughnut and carefully push in the paper wing. Attach candy eyes by piping on a dot of frosting or melted chocolate "glue" (using a plastic bag as described above).


I didn't get a good shot of the donut hole bats but you can kinda see them here. They're on straws (easy "cake pop"!). These are even easier than the donuts--all I added were wings. Super fast!
Have a happy and sweet Halloween!