Cute (and Quick) Cupcake Paper Wintery Cake Topper


A few cupcake papers and skewers are all you need for this cute and easy wintery cake topper! See below for instructions.


- 3 white cupcake papers (I used "Texas"-style large muffin papers, a.k.a. "jumbo", but regular sized works too!
- scissors
- white glue, hot glue, or adhesive dots
- wooden skewers (I used 12")
- 3 green cupcake papers

  1. Cut cloud shapes out of the ridged edges of the white cupcake papers and glue to the tops of the skewers.
  2. To make the bird, fold two cupcake papers in half. Draw and cut out the wingless bird body silhouette (as in the how-to photo above, or use the template in our book) with the top of the bird along the folded edge. Cut out two triangular wing shapes along the folded edge of the other cupcake paper. Glue the skewer to the inside of the bird body and glue a wing on either side.
  3. To make a tree, cut one green cupcake paper in half. Lightly fold the straight cut side to make a center mark. Place adhesive dots or lightly brush glue along one half of the top straight side. Form a cone shape by overlapping the unglued straight edge over the glued edge. Repeat with the remaining cupcake paper half. (For a multitiered tree, stack a few cones on top of each other.)

This and many other easy cupcake paper crafts are in our book, Paper Goods Projects. Enjoy your holiday prep!!