Easiest Coffee Filter and Cupcake Paper Paper Snowflakes


We LOVE making paper snowflakes, lots and lots of them. Thin square paper, like origami paper, works best for folding and snipping but I don't like using up my stash. Printer paper is great, but I don't like having to precut the paper into squares. Coffee filters and cupcake papers, inexpensive, thin and easy to cut, are the perfect material for this fun craft!

  1. Fold in half to make a semi-circle and and then in half again to make a triangle.
  2. Fold the triangle in thirds by turning the two straight sids in towards the center so you end up with a skinnier triangle. Adjust these as needed so that all the edges line up before creasing.
  3. Snip along the folded edges. Open carefully and enjoy!

Using cupcake papers and coffee filters will give you a nice assortment of sizes. The middle size pictured above are "Texas size" or "jumbo" cupcake/muffin papers. I found them at my supermarket.
For the wall hanging above, I used small tape rolls to attach snowflakes to a piece of cheesecloth. 


String them up as garlands, tape to your windows to create a curtain, attach to gifts as tags, hang them from your light fixtures and tree.....the possibilities are endless! (Buddy knows what to do!)  Happy snipping!
p.s.- There are lots more crafts using ideas for crafts using coffee filters and cupcake papers in our book, Paper Goods Projects!