Easy Cake Pop Flowers for Mother's Day!


Time for a Mother's Day treat! This year, I made cake pops and turned them into flowers with leaves and blooms that I snipped from cupcake papers (an idea from our book, Paper Goods Projects). I used this Foodstirs kit to make the cake pops. I like that these pops can double as a centerpiece, until it's time to eat dessert, of course!


I had the pleasure of meeting the super sweet Sarah Michelle Gellar and hearing about Foodstirs, her new foodcrafting business when I attended the Alt Summit this past January. Foodstirs baking kits and mixes are made from non-gmo and organic ingredients. Her business partner, Gia Russo (along with Galit Laibow), is a friend of mine from when we worked together at Martha Stewart Living magazine. I was excited to give them a try! 


In case you are wondering, they are delicious! I like that all the dry ingredients are worked out in the mix (so easy!) but you add your own butter, eggs and yogurt (even the frosting requires yogurt, which gives it a nice tang). And a lot of the steps are do-able for kids. The kit comes with pretty pale green sprinkles which a added to the bottom of the pop (which will end up being the top) to mimic grass.


To make a flower, fold a mini cupcake paper in half and in half again. Stick a finger inside one of the layers to push it open. Fold a triangular flap underneath to give the flower a flat bottom. Use the hot glue to secure the flap down. To make leaves, snip off 1 1/2" - 2" long sections of the ridged side of a green cupcake paper. Fold it in half against the pleats (it helps to fold by pressing it against a table edge) and trim into a leaf shape. Hot glue the flower and the leaf onto the pop. TIP: Use Glue Dots instead of hot glue if kids are helping make the flowers.


I hope you try these easy-to-make treats. Happy Mother's Day!