Fun (and Easy!) Twisty Balloon Sign for Father's Day


My husband always makes sweet Mothers Day signs and messages for me. In the past he's covered the kitchen in sticky notes on which he and kids wrote sweet things about me, taped construction paper "stained glass" in our windows also with sweet messages on them, and even made me a paper note necklace. For Father's Day this year, I am planning a yummy brunch for him, and of course, I need a fun decoration so I thought I'd make balloon letters, inspired by the balloon letters in our book, Paper Goods Projects.


These letters are one of my favorite projects from our book...and they're really easy to make! 
- twisty balloons
- balloon pump
- adhesive dots (like Glue Dots)
- scissors
1. Inflate the balloon (fully) to get the thickness you want. Pinch the balloon where you want the length to end, and release air from that point only. Knot the balloon at the pinched spot and cut off the excess balloon.
2.  For the D: twist the balloon at the point where the line needs to turn, curve the balloon around, and adhere the ends with one or two adhesive dots.

A-balloon-how to-Super-Make-It

3. For the A: Make a V-shape by twisting the middle of the balloon and adding an adhesive dot on the inside of the twist. Add a short straight balloon inside the V with adhesive dots. 


Check out our book to learn how to make more letters to create this birthday sign. I hope you'll try making these for your next celebration!
ps- For your Father's Day brunch, the BEST pancake recipe is over here!