Fun-to-Make Wooden Bead Bird Necklaces


I made these little bird necklaces with Tracey Stewart when I was helping out with crafts for her sweet, gorgeous, and informative book, Do Unto Animals. I had so much fun working on everything with her and the Moomah gang, but the necklaces were one of my favorites. They are really easy to make and, like most people, I love birds (real...and fake-wearable)! They're made from felt and wooden beads and you can find the how-to over on her website, Moomah


Click here to read about the Stewart family tradition of participating in the Audubon's Society's Great Backyard Bird Count. (I want to try that with my kids!) And, if you haven't already, make sure and pick up a copy Do Unto Animals, where you'll find information about bird watching and more. Tracey's love for all animals is infectious!


Spring is a great time to get out and watch birds with your kids. My boys and I just got this free app and have been having fun identifying the birds outside our house (hello sweet downy woodpecker!)! 
Please send us pictures if you make a bird necklace. We'd love to see!