Bonbon-Inspired Floral Easter Eggs


My friend, Margaret, and I like to work on craft projects together. (She's a brilliant illustrator and surface designer, by the way. Check out her website!) We've gotten together the last couple of years to decorate Easter eggs, like these neon highlighter eggs, inspired by a series of highlighter pen drawings she made. 

This year, Margaret brought over this sweet cardboard bunny that she made. She fastened the parts together with paper brads so the whole thing moved! I made some cupcake paper flowers, tiny versions of the ones in my book, Paper Goods Projectswhich we used to make this little animation (click here or on the photo of the bunny to see it).


Here's how I made the flowers:
standard or mini cupcake papers in floral colors
hot glue
green standard or mini cupcake papers

1. Cut the floral-colored papers in half. Fold one piece in half and in half again. Cut down to ruffle-y top (while rounding it)  to shorten it to your desired flower size. Stick a finger inside one of the layers to push it open. Fold a triangular flap underneath to give the flower a flat bottom. Use the hot glue to secure the flap down.
2. Cut leaves out of the green papers, along the ridges. Fold the leaves in half to make a center crease. Hot glue a leaf or two to the bottom of the egg.
3. Hot glue the finished flower to an egg


You can display the eggs in mini cupcake papers!


Happy Easter!