5 Easy DIY Dessert Stands for Etsy Studio


I am so happy to have recently contributed some ideas to Etsy Studio, Etsy's new-ish craft supply market where makers can find unique (and basic) materials as well as project ideas and inspiration. My first post is all about making homemade dessert stands, like this multi-tiered castle stand! I was so inspired by Etsy's wide selection of unfinished wooden blocks and shapes! 


Making custom dessert stands is a fast, fun, and easy way to incorporate a party’s theme into your dessert without having to do any elaborate cake or cupcake decorating. Simply glue together pre-made wooden craft shapes, like these butterflies, and paint! Full instructions here.


This metropolis dessert stand is fun for a car-loving kid's party. Prop the table with some toy cars!


This stand is decorated with wooden dinosaurs but could be customized with any shapes.


The base of this little stand is made from an unfinished wooden candlestick. I topped it with a wooden bird, but you could add any shape! Once you design one, you’ll come up with infinite combinations. Click over to Etsy Studio for all the how-to photos and instructions...and lots more projects!