Cotton Candy Monsters!


Boo! These sweet cupcake toppers are easy to make and a fun project to do with your kids. They’re a prep-and-eat-soon kind of treat…especially if it’s humid! Dry conditions are optimal for cotton candy crafting! Simply pull off a wad and twist to make the nose or horns! This guy has nonpareil eyes and licorice shoestring mouth. They stick right on! By the way, I bought this purply cotton candy here!


To make a cyclops, cut the marshmallows and stick the cut sticky side to the cotton candy. For the eye, poke a hole with a toothpick and press a chocolate chip into the hole.


This guy’s eye are made from mini marshmallows with a nonpareil pupil. (Poke a hole to stick it in)


Candy eyes are a quick and easy option! You can find them at craft, big box, and party stores. I’ve even seen these at supermarkets! I just found this kit if you’d like a variety in your edible crafting toolkit!
Happy Halloween!