Cute and Creepy Halloween Cupcakes Galore!


As the title of my blog exclaims, may favorite crafts (edible and not) are made from easy-to-find supermarket or recycled items. These creepy cupcakes are decorated with cookies, sprinkles and candy, most of which can be found at the supermarket!
Like the cotton candy monsters in my last post, these were tests for a story for a beloved magazine that, sadly, folded before these could run. Sigh... On a brighter note...Milano cookies! They make perfect ghosts and gravestones, after a quick dip in melted white chocolate.
Dip a Milano cookie three-quarters of the way into melted white candy melts. Dip it in and turn it upside down and let the excess drip into a point and lay it right down onto wax paper. Toothpick on some extra melt if needed to make a bigger swoop. Let set on wax paper. Draw on eyes and mouth with a toothpick dipped in melted chocolate or black candy melts. Ice cupcake with chocolate frosting, then cover with crushed Oreos or Nabisco’s Famous Wafers cookies. Push the ghost cookie into the “dirt,” and add snipped green Twizzler as grass.

This tombstone topper is made almost the same as the ghost, above. A Milano cookie dipped in white chocolate (or grey candy melts). Before the chocolate sets you can add a bat sprinkle (or “glue” it on with some melted chocolate).

This creepy cat has black shoestring licorice whiskers and tail, spice drop eyes and nose, and ears made from Nabisco Famous chocolate wafers.

Another eye option is to use confetti sprinkles (I pulled out the yellow ones) and draw on pupils with a black food coloring marker.


For spiderweb topper, print out some images (I found some with a quick google image search). Tape some wax paper over the printout. Melt white chocolate or white candy melts. Put the melted chocolate into a piping bag or—even easier- into a small zip-top bag with one corner snipped off. Twist-tie the bag closed and pipe on to the wax paper over. Don’t worry if your first few are a mess. Practice makes perfect!!

I found these candy eyeball sprinkles at the supermarket!! If yours doesn’t carry them, you can find them at crafts or party supply stores, or here.

This vampire has hair made from Nabisco Famous Wafers (saw them gently with a serrated knife, ideally a small bread knife). The eyes are large black nonpareils, the mouth is a snip of black shoestring licorice, and the teeth are tiny snips of marshmallows.

This version has a cape made from a Nabisco Famous Wafer cookie broken in half, frosted, and wedged into the side of the cupcake.
I hope you have a sweet and spooky Halloween!