Homemade Rainbow Soap: A Fun Winter Project!


Soapmaking is a simple, fun, and satisfying project; perfect for when winter weather keeps us indoors. There’s not much to it; you use a store-bought soap base, melt it, tint it with a colorant, and pour it in a mold. I have used clear glycerin soap base, such as here, but had never used an opaque white soap base and I loved the bright colors that can be achieved! Once you get set up, it’s easy to crank out a bunch of soap bars. I made these for Bluprint and we shot a fun video to show how easy they are to make!

Rainbow Soap how to 1

For a mold, I used a small resealable container (the kind I use to pack my kids’ snacks). You can buy soap molds in all kinds of shapes, or even use recycled milk cartons. It is so much fun to slice up the cooled-off soap and see the results.


Get the full how-to over on Bluprint! I hope you’ll give this a try!