A Roundup of My Favorite DIY Valentines Cards and Gifts

Valentines Day has always been a favorite crafting holiday. I’m just a sucker for pink, red, and hearts! I’ve gathered a few of my favorite projects from over the years, like these freezer paper stenciled muslin bags I made for Martha Stewart Living magazine a few years ago. Slip a love note, some candy, or even a gift of jewelry inside for your sweetheart. Click here for full instructions!
*By the way, freezer paper stenciling is one of my favorite techniques! You can find freezer paper at most supermarkets (or here). It is paper with a plastic coating on one side. After cutting a shape out (ie. a heart) you iron the paper onto your bag (shiny plastic side down) and you have an almost foolproof one-use stencil. If you use a craft punch to make your stencil shapes, as I did with the small hearts here, it is a breeze!

Valentines Jacks Set

I used that technique to make a jacks set for a story for Family Fun on candy-free Valentines!


I have lots of fabric scraps in my stash and these envelopes are a great use for them. I made these for Martha Stewart Living magazine a few years ago. Fill them love notes or gifts cards! Purl Soho sells lots of pretty Liberty of London fabrics.

Candy Valentines

I made these kissing-kid candy bag toppers and a few other candy Valentines on Martha Stewart so click here to see the how to’s! These were inspired by my friend, Silke, who made them with pictures of her sons, stamped the word “kisses!” on them, and filled them with Hershey’s Kisses.

Watercolor Valentines

Making these super simple watercolor heart Valentines is totally addictive. I wanted to make hundreds!

Tissue Packet Valentines
Lip Balm Valentine

My friend Page and I had a tradition of making Valentine gifts for all of our coworkers and this little travel tissue packet and lip balm holder/keychain are two of them! The full story is here!
Happy Valentines Day! x