DIY Lollipop Ideas...for Celebrating National Lollipop Day!


This Monday, July 20th, is National Lollipop Day! Yeah! To celebrate, we are sharing a roundup of our easy-to-make lollipops. They all involve melting store-bought candy which means they are easier than "from-scratch" candy-making. 


In our book, Candy Aisle Crafts, we had so much fun making lollipops by adding other candy and edible decorations like shoestring licorice and sprinkles like on these Funny Face Pops. We shared the full how-to for these lollipops, with lots of step-by-step photos, on Handmade Charlotte.


These chubby Chick Pops are fun for a baby shower or Easter cupcake topper or favor! The full how-to is over on the Today Show website.


These Dot Flower Lollipops are a great starter project. Click here for the full how to here on our blog.


All of these lollipops are so colorful when they catch light and make pretty cake toppers, like these Flower Lollipops. They make fun party favors or a great activity with kids. (Adult supervision a must!) The how-to for these are over here on Tastebook.


Fish Lollipops are perfect for a summer-y backyard sprinkler party! The how-to is over here!


Hearts are one of my favorite symbols/shapes, year-round!  No need to wait for Valentines Day! These heart pops are easy-to-make and great for weddings and bridal showers too. Besides the usual Jolly Ranchers, I used leftover peppermint swirl candies and added  heart-shaped sprinkles . We shared the full how-to for these on the fantastic Etsy Blog!


Finally, our Triangle Tree Pops, great for Christmas...or a woodland birthday party! The full how-to for these along with some other peppermint treats is here on Martha Stewart.

We hope you'll enjoy making (and eating!) these fun edible crafts. And please check out our book, Candy Aisle Crafts, for more candy-making ideas! Happy National Lollipop Day!