Something to Make, Something to Bring, Something to Give...on Dinner: A Love Story


I am thrilled to have contributed a few crafty holiday food ideas to one of my favorite blogs, Jenny Rosenstratch's Dinner: A Love Story ! I'm a longtime fan of both her blog and books. Have you seen her newest, How to Celebrate Everything? If I hadn't bought it the minute it came out it would be at the top of my holiday wish list! Anyway, these marshmallow tree-topped cupcakes, above, are "something to bring to a holiday party" and you can find instructions for them on DALS here.


...and for something to make with the kids: these tree lollipops, which are made by melting supermarket hard candies.


...and make great Tree toppers!


And lastly, these Peppermint Bark Dots from our book, Candy Aisle Crafts, are something you can wrap up as a gift. Click over to Jenny's blog to find the full instructions for these and all the treats. Happy holidays!