Friendly DIY Marshmallow Ghost Cake Toppers


A marshmallow ghost I made many years ago for Martha Stewart Living magazine, which were twisted to get their peaked shape, inspired this simplified version. These get their shape from one diagonal cut, making them fast and easy treats to put together for a crowd of trick-or-treaters.

2 marshmallows (jumbo or regular)
2 black nonpareils
black shoestring licorice (optional for mouth)
toothpick (to poke holes)

  1. Head: “Triangle cut” one marshmallow: Gently pinch the top to make it pointy.
  2. With the toothpick, poke two holes for eyes. With the now-sticky toothpick pick up a nonpareil and push into the hole. Repeat for the other eye. U
  3. se toothpick to carve out a linear or round spot for the mouth. Snip off a bit of shoestring licorice and push in hole.
  4. Cut off a very thin slice of the bottom of the head. Cut a very thin slice off flat top of other marshmallow and place the head on top.

Here is the original cake that I made with the twisted marshmallow ghosts, recipe here!
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