A Favorite Family Tradition: 'Elf' Viewing Party!


Elf is one of my family's favorite movies. We could watch it all the time, but, for the last few years, we established a policy to do so only once a year, with cousins, right before Christmas. When we finally do get to watch it, it feels really special event! Last year, a few nights before Christmas, we had an Elf Night with our extended family. My younger son and I made these cardstock invites together during a sick day.


At first, we thought about an Elf-themed menu (spaghetti with maple syrup anyone?) but settled on chili, something good for a cold night and that could be eaten out of a bowl in your lap while watching! We projected the movie on our big pull-down screen, which also made it feel special!


I found directions for these elf shoe napkins here. My origami-skilled son helped me figure it out though once I did, it wasn't hard at all and I couldn't stop making them! 


Our popcorn bar wasn't particularly Elf-ish other than featuring a Will Ferrell cutout on a skewer...and being a movie night essential! We set out plain, toffee, and cheese popcorn and these cardboard containers to scoop into. 


We had a hot chocolate bar with a sign, of course, that said "World's Best Cup of Coffee"!  No coffee was actually served but we did have marshmallows, candy cane stirrers, and whipped cream. I somehow didn't get a photo but instead, I will share a photo of the super yummy donuts that my sister-in-law brought from The Doughnut Plant. The matcha green donuts were on-theme...and delicious!


My brother-in-law surprised us with a pile of Elf quotes that he wrote on individual sticky notes and placed all over our house, in places apropos to the quotes. So brilliant! Looking for the notes became a party game and we found them for days afterward. Buddy's phone greeting: "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" on a sticky note, next to our pile of red and green plates...you get the idea!


EPILOGUE: After all that folding, no one used the elf shoe napkins (they felt bad!), so I had them leftover to use for Christmas breakfast. Win!!

What's your family's favorite holiday movie? Happy viewing! xo