Fun Gingerbread House Kit Hack Videos!

pepp palace making.jpg

I recently worked with Bed, Bath & Beyond to make a series of gingerbread house kit hacks. We had so much fun coming up with different themes using the candy decorations from the kit and some easy-to-find extras like candy canes, pretzel rods, and marshmallows. I will update this post soon with the third video, a snowy palace!

The first hack was a Peppermint Palace with candy cane window valances and peppermint ball topiaries!

peppermint-palace-how to.jpg

We organized ll our ingredients into a muffin tin to keep things neat!


And here it is finished, with its sour belt roof tiles and a sprinkle of coconut snow!

For the second video, I created a log cabin using pretzel rod "logs'.


I used skinny pretzel sticks to make the door and windows. Luckily, any messiness with the icing "glue" looks like snow!


Here are the items used to make the log cabin. Watch the videos for more details!


The last house, a "snowy retreat" was my favorite to make, Sugaring the walls and snipping marshmallow roof tiles was fun and pink is my favorite!

As you'll see in the video, I watered down the royal icing that came in the kit and painted it on the walls as a glue to adhere the sanding sugar over. This gave the walls a glittery and snowy look.


Check out our book, Candy Aisle Crafts, for easy cookie cottages, a great starter project for decorating gingerbread houses.