Veggies Taste Even Better When They Look Like Trains!


A few months ago I made some veggie trains for a video for  Thomas & Friends! They're fun for any occasion, whether it's a train-themed birthday party treat to a playdate craft activity or an afterschool snack. As I usually work with candy it was so nice to have some healthy "craft materials" to share with my boys when they poked their heads into the kitchen to see what I was doing!
*IMPORTANT* In these photos I attached the wheels with toothpicks but in the video, I "glued" them on with cream cheese. Toothpicks are fine if the trains are for decorations only but if you're giving them to a child to eat, leave off the toothpicks. 

Veggies taste better when they're shaped like trains!

Posted by Thomas & Friends on Monday, November 6, 2017

Watch the video to see how they're made!


The "smoke" coming out of the carrot and pepper locomotive is a sprig of rosemary! The center cargo train is filled with some yummy dip and sprinkled with a little paprika.
I hope you'll give these a try!