Recycled Cardboard Zoo Animals!

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Oh, the many uses of cardboard! Thanks to online shopping, we often have several flattened boxes in our recycle bin. Sturdy corrugated cardboard it is one of my favorite materials! It can be turned into a box town, a lemonade stand sign, a candy ATM, or these colorful zoo animals that I made for Family Fun magazine. They're easy to make (using the templates, below) and fun to paint and play with!


The channels inside corrugated cardboard are perfect for holding pipe cleaner tails and tusks! I used scissors to taper the ends of the pipe cleaner for the elephant's tusks and tail and camel's tail.

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- Family Fun Magazine animal templates
- corrugated cardboard
- scissors
- assorted colored craft paints
- paint brushes
- pipe cleaners
- white glue

Click here for the instructions and animal templates!

photo by Aaron Dyer

photo by Aaron Dyer

The animals can live in a world your child creates with blocks, Lincoln Logs, or anything!

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