Fun Thanksgiving Snacks to Make with your Kids!

Turkey Veggie Cup

In this month’s Parent’s magazine are some of my make-with-your-kids edible Thanksgiving crafts. These little turkey cups start out as party store paper cups and hold hummus or other dip and cut up veggies! Instructions are here!

Turkey Veggie Cups 1

These pepper turkeys were some of my tests that didn’t make it into the magazine. They’re easy and totally edible! I made the eyes with a black food coloring marker (the pepper has to be totally dry) and also with poppy seeds, see below. The beak and wattle (made of cut peppers) are glued on with a dab of hummus!

Turkey Veggie Cups 2

And here is another variation made with little plastic shot glasses and paper turkey heads.


Cut peppers, carrots, celery, or snap peas make great “feathers”!

Rice Krispie Cereal Turkey Leg

Crisp rice cereal turkey leg treats, yum! Instructions are here

Rice Krispie Turkey 1

Some turkey treats made with the basic crisp rice cereal recipe, as are the turkey legs. The feathers are made from candy corn (get the “autumn” or “harvest” mix bag which comes with these brown tones)! Push the feathers into the cereal mixture while it’s still warm before it hardens. The eyes are drawn on with a black food coloring marker.

Rice Krispie Turkey 2

Another turkey option. These guys have sliced almond feathers and almond heads and eyes drawn on with a black food coloring marker.

Rice Krispie Turkey group

Here’s the rest of the flock, including a pretzel-tailed specimen.
I hope you have a fun Thanksgiving with plenty of time in the kitchen food-crafting with your kids!