Spooky Sweet Halloween Skull Pops and Treat Toppers


Here are a few spooky Halloween treats made from marshmallows. I love crafting with marshmallows (there is a whole chapter dedicated to marshmallow creations in our book, Candy Aisle Crafts) and I posted last week about some easy-to-make ghosts, great for cake and cupcake-topping. 
The skull pops above were inspired by some skulls I made years ago for Martha Stewart Living. For the pops above, I used jumbo and regular sized marshmallows, black M&M's, black shoestring licorice (snipped up as needed), and black large nonpariels (a.k.a. sugar pearls. The trick is cutting the marshmallow to expose it's inner stickiness and adhere cut sides to cut sides. To insert candy or sprinkles as for the facial features, poke a hole with a toothpick (again, to expose the inner stickiness) and push the candy into the sticky spot.


The eyes for these guys were made from black jimmies (a.k.a. sprinkles). (I picked out the short ones for the noses.) To adhere skulls to lollipops (top) or madeleines (above), cut the back of the skull off and adhere the sticky cut side to the pop. 


Click here to get the recipes for these treats, such as the skull-topped chocolate madeleines,


White candy-coated licorice pastels work well for teeth...and black licorice can be snipped into eyes and noses.

Happy candy crafting!