Cute Marshmallow Arctic Animals for a Winter Birthday Cake


When Amy and I were working on our book, Candy Aisle Crafts, her nephew was celebrating his first birthday with an arctic-themed party. We made him a cake topped with a marshmallow polar bears and penguin mommas and babies, and a couple of marshmallow seals. The cake itself is chocolate and we used this recipe, a longtime favorite!


2 jumbo marshmallows (or 2 regular-sized ones, for baby)
2 black nonpareils
1 brown mini M&M
1 mini marshmallow
2 regular marshmallows                                                                                                                       
1. To make the head, cut off two triangular pieces from one of the jumbo marshmallows, as shown, and stick the cut sides together. Using the toothpick, poke two holes for eyes. With the now-sticky toothpick pick up the nonpareils and push them into the holes.
2. To make the nose, cut off the pointiest tip of the head, and press on the mini M&M.
3. To make the ears, cut the mini marshmallow in half horizontally. Cut one of those pieces in half vertically. Press the flat, sticky edges to the head.
4. To make the torso, cut an angled spot off the second jumbo marshmallow to expose stickiness where the head will go. Cut a flat sliver off the bottom of the head to expose stickiness, and adhere it to the torso.
5. To make the legs, cut two regular marshmallows in half vertically. Press two of the pieces onto the torso to create the front legs. Cut one of the remaining halves in half horizontally. These will be the hind legs. (Save the remaining half marshmallow to make another bear.) Press onto the rear bottom of the torso.
6. For a baby bear, use a regular-sized marshmallow for the head and torso, and use one marshmallow cut into quarters for the legs.

I'll be sharing the instructions for the seals and penguins soon, so please check back. And check out the marshmallow chapter in our book, Candy Aisle Crafts, for more marshmallow treats!