Fun-To-Make Balloon Birds!


These little balloon birds are from our book, Paper Goods Projects, and are so much fun to make! Water balloons and cupcake papers are the main materials, so you may even have these on hand! (Tissue paper or another lightweight paper for the wings would work too if you don't have cupcake papers.) They're perfect for a birthday party or shower decoration. We hung them from helium balloon "clouds" with a little adhesive dot, so easy! 


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  1. For the wings, cut a cupcake paper in half. Trim into a wing shape.
  2. Inflate a water balloon until it is about 4 1/2" long. Knot and trim off the ends.
  3. Cut the construction paper into two small rectangles about 3/4" by 1" and sandwich the knot by using double-sided tape or adhesive dots to affix the paper on either side of it. Carefully trim the paper into a triangular beak shape.
  4. Add sticker eyes. Stick on the wings with adhesive dots, rounded sides toward the front. 
  5. To hang, add an adhesive dot to the top of the bird and press one end of the string onto the dot. Tie the other end of the string to the white balloon's knot.

Enjoy spring with these little birds!