Fun, Easy Upcycled Crafts on Naturally, Danny Seo


Tune in to NBC today (Saturday, February 18th) at 11:30 AM to watch Naturally, Danny Seo Danny and I had so much fun making jewelry, toys, and decorations out of items that you probably have in your recycle bin right now, like these flower necklaces made out of plastic squeeze pouch caps and felt scraps! My kids loved those squeeze pouch fruit sauces and I always saved the caps, knowing that something fun could be made from them! (UPDATE: you can view the video here!)

We made a village out of recycled boxes and cartons, flower necklaces, and recycled toilet tube letters.


Using the plastic caps as a base for the flowers makes this such an easy craft and a great activity for a party! I will update this post with a link to the video after the show airs so you can see the how to in action.


For an even easier necklace ideas, I strung up undecorated caps onto string or yarn. For the necklace on the right, I created large "beads" by facing two caps together. 


Here are a few snaps from the set! The box houses, on the right, are lit up with battery operated tea lights.


The box houses make a cute mantle decoration. This shot is from our book, Paper Goods Projects. You can find the instructions here.


And here are the tune letters on a mantle too! This project is also from our book. Click here for instructions!
What do you craft out of your recycle bin?