Pretty Flower Cupcake Toppers Made From Supermarket Candy!


We're finally feeling spring here in NY with trees flowering and daffodils everywhere...yay! To celebrate, I'm sharing a candy flower cupcake-topper video I created with Fisher-Price. They would be perfect for a Mother's Day dessert or tea party!

I used gumdrops, pink taffy (like strawberry Airheads), pink marshmallows, Sunkist fruit gems, green sour straws (for stems) and green sour belt (for leaves)!


The cupcakes can be grouped together on a platter to create a "bouquet".


Snipping pink marshmallows with scissors creates perfect chrysanthemum petals!


The roses are made from pink/strawberry Airheads. Cut a leaf shape from sour belt to make a leaf and tuck it underneath.

Happy spring...and Mother's Day!